For years and to this day, downtown Marion, North Carolina has welcomed exciting new businesses, but for the past sixteen years, one place has become and continues to grow as a community staple.


 That business, is the Crooked Door Coffee House. With its open and inviting atmosphere, Crooked Door is located on the second floor of a turn of the century hotel building on Main Street.


Whether it is a traveler coming of I-40, or a family who has lived in McDowell County for generations, no one is treated like a stranger at this café with small town charm, the highest quality in service, and steady ambition.  With the coming together of diverse characters that consist of varying ages, races, creeds, and all walks of life, while walking though the lopsided door up the stairs, there are a variety of experiences that you will either witness or to which anyone can jump in and take part.


 If you aren’t going to the Crooked Door Coffee House just to grab a cup of joe or relax and spend some time to yourself reading, or on the internet, you may find yourself in the middle of a conversation about: local government and planning (with the politicians right there), business deals (with the local merchants themselves), faith, first responder appreciation, art and self-expression (there are several community sketchbooks with some amazing drawings and quotes in them), books and literature (with bookshelves in the back and lots of study nooks for students and staff of all ages), family stories, events planning, and music.


 All this in the first sixteen years-- Imagine the dreams and plans made, the projects carried out, and what is yet to come!  Crooked Door Coffee House is a place that effortlessly brightens your day and, winter or summer, warms your heart.  Even on a person’s worst day, it has that certain-something that draws a smile on one’s face by the time they leave. Its regulars and visitors alike would swear by that.


We can't wait to welcome you to the Crooked Door!


Rachel Withrow (Owner/Barista)


Rachael Stewart (Barista)


Michael Buff (Barista)


Jacob Blair (Barista)


Johnathan Fuller (Barista)


Will Acree (Barista)


and of course Gracie

11 North Main Street, Marion NC 28752

 Tel: 828 652-9947



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